Silver Key Land Mint Details

Fables of Fyra
2 min readMay 10, 2022

There are many benefits to owning NFT Land in the Fables of Fyra!

You will be able to rent and earn on all owned NFT Land, and there will be different advantages with each of the Keys that can help increase your earning potential.

It began with the release of the Gold Key Land (Previously Released & on Secondary Market). We are now at the release of the Silver Key Land mint!!!

The Silver Key is a limited-edition key, providing access to special regions of Fyra Oyer and unique benefits that will help increase your NFT Land’s earning capability. There are only 1,000 Silver Key plots available, and they will go fast!

The Silver Key Benefits

  1. Whitelist for $BAAH Pre-Sale. Allocations and discounts are still under final review, but each piece of Silver Key Land will be awarded its own allocation.
  2. All NFT landowners will earn $CAVE but owning Silver Key Land allows your time within the game to be even more valuable. The SILVER Key increases the appeal for scholars, land renters, and grinders earning off their Land.
  3. Specialty roles that further increase the earning capability of the Land. Specific features will be available when the details of the economy are released, but unique roles and earning potential will be awarded to individuals that hold 10, 25, 50, and 100 plots of NFT Land. NFT Land Holder Roles will increase your daily earning potential, further enhancing the attractiveness of your Land amongst scholars and within guild pools.

4. There will be unique benefits for Fables of Fyra OG Full Set Holders, consisting of:

  • An OG Dragon (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • Statue of Augino (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • Gold Key Land (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • Silver Key Land (coming 2022)
  • NFT Land (coming at the public launch)

Other special in-game benefits and more will be associated with holding complete sets. Each full set will stand on its own (i.e., an individual can have multiple full sets).

Stay tuned to our socials for more details on the mint!